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Giant Worm creature and an old piece form 07-08 I thk? hahaha!

Gryphons & Frost Giants

Close up of that earlier NPC and a few other sketches, Beasties, Dark Elves and a Gnoll

A NPC for the game I worked on.
Well.... Yesterday was a rough one. After 13 almost 14 years my job  came to an end at SOE now Daybreak Game Co. It was a HUGE cut this time around. Not sure what the actual numbers were but there were a LOT of folks in that meeting room. I wish I could complain but I really can't. I had an incredible run there and had the chance to work with some amazingly talented people so... I'm blessed for the experience. Now it's time to turn the page and move forward. Here's to new and exciting opportunists! I'll start to post more work I've been doing over the past few years there. Hope you all enjoy the art! :)